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  • Episode 039: Managing Your Communication as an Entrepreneur

    Episode 4 of Management March is about managing communication, which is a big one!  To be a successful person you need to be able to communicate with partners, spouses, children, business partners AND clients. 

    We believe there is no such thing as overkill or overthinking how best to communicate with those you are working with. One tip is to be clear and concise. And use the different technological tools available to make it easier. 

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  • Episode 038: Managing Your Expectations as an Entrepreneur

    Week 3 of Management March is about managing your expectations as an entrepreneur.

    Online has created a totally unrealistic expectation of what it’s like to start a business. You want to dream big and shoot for the moon but be realistic about what you can expect to happen through self-honesty.

    We can’t control how, when, or if people will buy from us. Removing the emotion of expectation can allow us to continuously put our products and services into the world without feeling intimately connected to the results.

    It’s all about visibility and conversion data, friend!

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  • Episode 037: Managing Your Time as an Entrepreneur

    Week 2 of Management March is all about managing  your time.

    Time and energy go hand in hand. Make sure you are being clear about how much time you have, literally schedule EVERYTHING in your digital calendar, and take fast action on items that could potentially steal your brain space.

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  • Episode 036: Managing Your Energy as an Entrepreneur

    Kicking off Management March with why managing your energy as an entrepreneur is important.

    We talk about SADD (Seasonal Affective Disorder Depression) in the winter months. Also to be in tune with when your energy is highest and to plan your work around that.

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  • Episode 035: The Everyday Formula for Embodying Abundance

    In our final episode of Financial February, we’re talking about how to embody the energy of abundance so that you can grow your income.

    Abundance? Yes, embody it. Today and every day. The strength of getting yourself super positive prior to pitching and tips on how to shift your mood if you are feeling in a funk. 

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  • Episode 034: Money Mistakes We’ve Made in Our Businesses

    We’re continuing our Financial February series with an inside look at the money mistakes we’ve made in our businesses.

    Bookkeeping, bookkeeping … bookkeeping. Oh, and investing in professional development either too early or too much. We share with you the mistakes we made early on in hopes that you can learn from our mistakes.

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  • Episode 033: Practical Tips for Organizing Your Business Money

    In the second episode of Financial February, we’re talking about our practical tips for organizing your business money.

    We discuss the most important foundational steps to legitimize your business – from starting at the beginning (creating an entity) to the importance of paying yourself an owner’s distribution.  

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  • Episode 032: Top 10 Money Books for Entrepreneurs

    Today’s episode kicks off Financial February! In this first episode, we give you the rundown of our top 10 money books for entrepreneurs.

    The books mentioned in this episode are:

    01. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

    02. You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

    03. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kawasaki

    04. The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

    05. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Ecker

    06. Abundance Now by Lisa Nicholls

    07. Millionaire Success Habits by Dean Graziosi

    08. Get Rich Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield Thomas

    09. Sell or Be Sold by Grant Cardone

    10. The Power of Broke by Damond John

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  • Episode 031: About Your Money Re-Cast

    Give it love and attention because, if you do, it will take care of you.

    Jen Hemphill on taking care of your money

    *Special Guest* This episode features an interview with money confidence coach and author Jen Hemphill! We chatted with Jen about the importance of understanding our Money Headquarters, money stories, and gave away an autographed copy of her new book (watch/listen to see how you can get your hands on a signed copy, too!).

    In this episode of Honest Conversations with Carin and Marcia you’ll discover:

    • The importance of understanding your money headquarters
    • The elements of your money story and how it influences you
    • Book: Her Money Matters, by Jen Hemphill

    *Livestream Replay*
    Watch the live recording replay of this honest convo on our Facebook Page at this link: The Importance of Understanding Your Money Headquarters & Money Stories.

  • Episode 030: Choose Your Circle Wisely Re-Cast

    From the archives, we’re talking about how to attract people who lift you up while you lift them up.

    In this episode you’ll discover:

     • The struggles of being a positive person and spreading joy 

    • Tips for maintaining lifetime relationships with negative people 

    • Our tips for keeping your mindset focused on positivity

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