Nurturing November

  • Episode 023: Setting Business Boundaries from the Start

    Boundaries are the bumpers that keep us heading down the right path.

    We talk about personal and professional boundaries in this episode. We also added a Building Better Boundaries QuickStart Guide to the Subscriber Hub. Get it and other resources HERE

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  • Episode 022: Investing in YOU Always Pays

    We’re continuing Nurturing November with the importance in investing in YOU.

    YOU are your best bet. Keep investing in YOU. We talk about investing our time, energy and money in gaining knowledge through books, mentors, and taking chances on ourselves. 

    Tune into Convos Continued at 4 pm EST to hear one of our Next Levelers talk about how she invests in herself to grow her art business. 

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    Watch the replay of our Convos Continued episode with Next Leveler, Jill Perla, chatting about the importance of investing in yourself.

  • Episode 021: Nurturing YOU, Your Way

    Nurturing November begins today!

    In this episode, we discussed different ways you can put yourself first without the shame and guilt. A great reminder for when you nurture yourself and your business, make sure you are in alignment! 

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