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  • Episode 003: When the World Was Falling Apart We Kept it Together

    With a show entitled Honest Convos with Carin & Marcia you couldn’t have

    Carin & Marcia share how both of their multi year journeys in the personal development arena assisted in processing the debacle of the first 6 months of 2020.

    Instead of being paralyzed by what was going on both hosts shot into action to bring value to the world. Carin with her Side Hustle QuickStart program and Marcia with her Building Better Boundaries pop up groups. 

    In addition to our individual offering we also joined forces together when we decided to relaunch the podcast and created the Self Love Reboot. An 8 part mini course that revives your love for yourself. Listen to the episode for an exclusive offer.

  • Episode 002: Recap of 2020

    With a show entitled Honest Convos with Carin & Marcia you couldn’t have expected us not to tackle this subject.

    We talk about:

    • The pandemic?
    • Gross people
    • Black Lives Matter
    • The importance of voting
    • Why women can have a hard time with visibility
    • Mediocre white men

    … and much more! We are thrilled to be back and look forward to connecting with you on social. You can contribute to the convo on InstagramFacebook and Twitter

  • Episode 001: We’re Back!

    We’re back! 

    On our 3 year anniversary Carin & Marcia decided to revive the Honest Convos Podcast! 

    In this trailer we share why we are back and what’s gone on since we stopped recording in 2018. 

    We also give you a sneak peek at the new season’s “Summer of Self-Love Series”.

    Make sure you tune in from Tuesday, June 30 on to gain insights from us on how to love YOU more. Yay! 

    We don’t just want to have convos with each other, but also with you. Remember to connect with us on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

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