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The Voices Behind The Mic

Your Hosts

Carin Kilby Clark

Show Host

Marcia Sheehan

Show Host


The Story Behind Our Podcast

The first iteration of Honest Convos with Carin and Marcia began in 2017.

While co-working together one day, Carin said to Marcia “I really want to start a podcast but I don’t want to do it alone“. It was then that Honest Conversations with Carin and Marcia was born. We began sharing our thoughts and views on everything from entrepreneurship to teaching our kids. 

From there our partnership expanded into co-teaching an in-person event, Limitless 2018. Both of us got really busy with our personal projects and businesses so the podcast went on hiatus in 2018. In early 2020, after thriving during a pandemic, civil unrest, and all the challenges that the “new normal” brought us, we felt the nudge that our voices are needed – even if just for us! – and so we’ve decided to relaunch our podcast.

Now, Honest Convos with Carin and Marcia is back! …with an abbreviated name and a whole lot of lessons learned that we are eager to share with you.

In a nutshell...

Honest Convos with Carin and Marcia is a podcast about the lifelong journey to become your best self, live your best life, and do your best work. We discuss going from a limited mindset to a growth mindset, self-love, confidence, happiness, goal smashing, and much more!

This show is about mapping the journey, connecting, and sharing. Not for the easily offended, this is an unedited, truly honest conversation between two mom entrepreneurs who are students of life.🤓

Our Core Values

Bigger Than Us

We are motivated by something bigger than ourselves. We want to make an impact and leave a legacy that shows the world that we were here.

Empowered Earning

We are fierce supporters of women leading profitable businesses. Creating financial flexibility and freedom, and having the success you desire, is your birthright.

Growth Is A Must

We are committed to continuously learning and self-growth. The work to become your best self is never done. There is always a new level for you to reach.

Time Is Precious

We believe that time is the most precious limited resource that we have. We value our time and yours. Our podcast episodes are designed with busy women in mind.

Honest Convos with Carin and Marcia is sponsored by self-love reboot

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